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TenS Payment Solutions

TenS benchmark on ftServer

TenS Payment Solutions

Tens Payment Solutions is a platform designed based on SOA architecture for managing on-line payment and transactions. Completely solve the capture, routing, processing and / or authorization of transactions generated in various delivery channels (POS, ATM, Web, Mobile, terminals agency correspondent banking) and integrates with the systems of the issuers or local and international interchange networks. It also integrates channels with back-office systems, whether own developments or third-party products that complement the functionality required by customers in the financial services industry.

TenS Value Proposition
  • Time to Market
    TenS offers to rapidly take full opportunity of the market. The technology serving the business so the customer can always be one step ahead of the competition.
  • Last generation architecture
    Its design is fully object-oriented, and is highly configurable and modular.
  • Absolute Flexibility
    By its execution machine "ExM" and its intelligent formatter "FlexyF" TENS offers total flexibility for administration.
  • Asured investment
    Marketing methods tailored to each business and customer.
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