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7x24 Support Services

Support and Maintenance Service is an essential component of the Mission Critical solutions implemented by Sistemas Críticos. Itīs the right way to protect the investment made by the customers.

Sistemas Críticos operates a regional Customer Assistance Center (CAC), that provides a set of support services that ensure the proper functioning and continuous availability of the customerīs systems. The services are proactive and reactive, remote and on-site and. The CAC staff is a group of highly qualified professionals with over 15 years experience in Stratus technology and Payment Systems, who specialize in the development, implementation and support of mission-critical solutions.

The CAC is also certified by Stratus Technologies and operates a node of the Global Network Service, Stratus Active Service Network (ASN HUB) for 7x24 remote monitoring and support of Stratus systems in the region. Along with the field teams of residents in the cities of Buenos Aires, Lima, Montevideo and San Pablo, the CAC supports 7x24x365 the central services for hardware and software, of some of the most important Mission Critical facilities region.

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